Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ride on 'The Life' !

When things come crashing down, the expression "if you fall, you must get back on your feet", is always around the corner.  How true it can be. Each one has their own expression of getting back on their feet. Whatever it may be it some how works for them.

I used to say 'life is like a roller-coaster ride', its full of fun, excitement, ups and downs, screaming, laughing and even sometimes crying. But in the end, your happy, either because it's over or the ride was fun, or because you sat with a close person you could count on and enjoy with.
I always used to know or observe in other people around me that basically in life, it's like two sides of a coin, we have good on one side and we have bad on the other. I would listen to people talk about how their situation at home is or with their loved ones would be, both good and bad. But it's funny, we say "there was a fight at home" or "my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is behaving stupid" etc, but in the end I think we still call it 'our home' or 'i love  him/her'.

With every good there has to be something bad, and vise-verse. It may not even be the worst thing that can happen to someone or the best, but it's still around. Just when you can think that everything is perfect, there is bound to be something that can cause an alteration in the 'perfect'. But that's what it is. It's life!

Nothing can be so difficult for us to handle, we just have to find a way to deal with the situation to make it 'perfect' (i think). To think of it, if God wanted us to suffer we wouldn't have the word "good" or "hope" or "trust" etc. in our dictionary. 
My life isn't perfect, it's a roller-coaster ride i must say, but i'v come to realize that "With suffering come salvation". That's what i'v come to accept in life.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Its a beautiful day today
bright,warm and fresh. 
making all the sickness, 
go away!
I wake up,
to the 'call' it makes,
face lights up,
and sadness fades.

"Nothing more should I worry about", 
says I
for everything,
Is gonna be OK!

Love, once I knew
was bitter and sweet
who knew,
how would it be?

Changes appeared 
no one knew why.
confused was I, 
but I knew why!

"For the better", they said,
it seemed alright
for now I know,
"it is alright!"

It scares, it hurts, 
it's love, that sores
It's beauty, it's magic
It's what I adore.

Scared I am 
no doubt at all.
dizzy it feels,
but I will not fall.

My mind is wondering
my body is tingling
my feet do the walking,
and my heart is talking.

A smile I see
on my face everyday,
The voice, the sound
makes hate go away.

The closeness is shared
much more than can be said,
'the surprise', the "wow"
makes nothing unsaid!

I know for now,
I'm happy as can be,
no doubt about it
no doubt at all.

"I'm sorry", I say
for wrong things done,
I'll do it right,
each time, each day!

'Love you my darling,'
is what I'm saying
I'll bring you joy and love
each day, each day!

Monday, 19 March 2012

unhappiness leads to anger

I'ts a beautiful day, the sun is up, you can hear the birds chirp, you can smell the fresh dew. Everything around you is bright, the color of the room is soothing and calm to your liking. Your covered up in your bed sheet, warm and cozy. And just when you can get on your feet, for that one minute or second that u see and hear the beautiful things around you,  you come to realize "your reality".

Life isn't meant to be perfect, it's meant to be beautiful. There are times when one can say, "I am very angry, because he made me unhappy by doing something." Sometimes we fail to understand or 'keep calm' when a situation comes across us.

Sometimes when we are unhappy with a situation that is not to our liking or doesn't acknowledge us, we tend to show rudeness, anger,  we also become upset with the situation. Hence, we bring this out in our behavior. An easy example is, Jack's boss gives him a deadline in a project to be done. Jack is unable to finish the job, hence, his boss is unhappy leading him to get angry and firing Jack off the job. One would say this is a normal thing, it is meant to happen, the boss is right in his job etc. I wouldn't disagree either, given the situation. But what if Jack had to come back home after the given situation, and get angry at his wife for not washing his clothes. Guess, we would say it is wrong. The situation is the close to same, but the difference is we look at it in a different way. We fail to recognize the fact that Jack is unhappy of losing his job, hence the obvious reaction to this is anger or upset.  

It may not be 24 hours that we are always angry. But what we must realize is that anger does not just come out of nothing at all. Every emotion or behavior that we show, is due to a reaction that has been caused. It's how we see it in another person! How we react to the other persons behavior. We should try and understand another just like we would want another to understand us!